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I need to call my stepmom something, but obviously "mom" wouldn't be a good idea. We're second generation Romanian (well, my dad is, she isn't) Is there a Romanian translation for "step mom"? Or any other substitute?

the Romanian translation is “mamă adoptivă/vitregă” but tbh that is a pretty awkward way to call her and i don’t think there are any other substitues

maybe you should ask her how she wants to be called or just use her name?

if anyone has a better idea you could reblog this and add it

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I just wanted to say I really appreciate your tumblr. I was adopted from Romania when I was 8, and I remember a lot of things you've mentioned in this blog! It's helped me a lot because I've never felt that I've identified with either my birth country of Romania, or America, but reading your posts has made me realize I might be more Romanian than I thought haha. Thank you

aw thank you!! thats really sweet 

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Could some Romanians like this post so I can follow them? I'm from Canada but I'm a Romanian and I'd love to follow more Romanians!

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do all Romanians celebrate malanka? Because I have a few romo friends who do and I was just wondering if everyone did.

no,actually it’s more of a ukrainian/russian holiday

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Bună! Aţi putea să postaţi pozele din acest post* separat? */post/37554995393/happy-birthday-romania-december-1st-la-multi-ani

Ne pare rău,dar nu noi am făcut postul,doar am dat reblog.Ea l-a postat.

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You know you are romanian when Babenco & Pletosu


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so there was this girl in my country who was drugged and raped by 6 boys who made pictures and videos of what happened and now some douche made a tumblr with her name  and posted gifs from the video so if you could report the blog and send an email to tumblr or at least reblog this it would mean a lot 

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De ce nu mai postati???

păi cam bate vântul pe aici

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